About us


We want to be mindful of our earthly resources and work with raw materials already in circulation. Our precious metals are recycled and the stones reclaimed from old jewellery or found in Switzerland. At Jewels by Anna Andrén we minimise the environmental impact of our products by designing for the long term and by striving to avoid removing anything additional from the earth.

Simply Mindful Ring Recycled Gold with Reclaimed Diamonds, Ringe aus rezykliertem Roségold mit zurückgewonnenen Diamanten

Design Philosophy

All our jewellery pieces are inspired by shapes found in nature and designed by Anna, our in-house Swiss jeweller with Swedish roots and the founder of our company. Anna has a simple yet exclusive design language and her design philosophy is based on gracefulness and longevity. Her pieces are made to last and, if needed, to be repaired or recrafted. Anna sees the choice of material sourcing as part of the design.


We want to use our business to protect the environment as much as possible within our field of influence. We want to push ourselves and our cooperation partners to listen to each other, think in new ways and never stop developing. We value high quality work and long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and society at large. At Jewels by Anna Andrén, we strive for perfection and accept mistakes as long as we learn from them for the future.


At Jewels by Anna Andrén we share a passion for creativity and our collective experiences range from the goldsmithing craft and design to finance and political work. Together we want to offer beautiful, long lasting jewellery with low environmental impact and a whole range of services for our customers.