Thank you for being here – my name is Anna and I’m a jeweller in Zug, Switzerland, making small series and bespoke jewellery from recycled materials.

You can find your favourite piece of jewellery made of recycled gold, silver or platinum in my shop or let me redesign your old jewellery so that you can wear it again. I also reuse your own diamonds, stones or pearls in a new personalised piece of jewellery. I’m convinced that you will wear your jewellery longer if it is made with high quality in a timeless design chosen by you and the longer you wear your jewellery, the more sustainable it becomes. Have fun browsing!


Anna grew up in Sweden and her roots are very present in her designs despite having lived in Switzerland for many years. Anna sees the choice of materials and the production as part of the design. All items are produced locally in Anna’s studio in Zug. This way the production process can be tightly controlled, transparency guaranteed and the production kept as sustainable as possible. Jewels by Anna Andrén works with Swiss craftspeople and suppliers, ensuring high quality results and fair working conditions. Most items are produced to order, keeping the inventory small and thereby protecting our shared earthly resources.



Anna loves including your stories in a personal piece of jewellery. Using silver, gold or platinum, glittering stones or not – so far, her bespoke pieces include: · Different engagement and wedding rings · Bespoke jewellery for wedding or other anniversaries, exams, new jobs, retirement and childbirth · Customisation of items from our small series, choosing a stone that represents you or use stones or pearls from existing jewellery that you are no longer wearing


Making jewellery in our studio we cannot be resource-neutral, but we can do our outmost to choose the best materials available, acting as sustainable and responsible as possible. We regard a discussion concerning where the gold and precious stones used in the jewellery industry come from as extremely important and want customers like yourself to be able to take an informed decision when buying precious jewellery. Precious metals are the ideal candidates for recycling and can be melted, cleaned and reused indefinitely without losing in quality. Therefore, Jewels by Anna Andrén works with 100% recycled gold, silver and platinum. We are convinced that using existing resources, not removing anything from the earth unnecessarily is the best way. Fairtrade or Fair Mined gold is another option, having the advantage of supporting local miners and their families. But even though there have been many improvements for the environment following the work of Fairtrade organisations, toxic substances are still used in the mining process. We therefore consider recycled precious metals the most sustainable and responsible choice available and have decided to make our jewellery from recycled materials exclusively.


The pictures below, show some of the steps involved in making a commissioned ring: A model made in brass for my customer to review, removing the diamonds from the old gold jewellery brought by my customer, melting the old gold jewellery, making the thread for the ring shank, bending the shank and soldering it together to make one eternal loop, soldering the settings to the shank. 

My customer brought me her parents’ wedding rings and three diamonds from her maternal grandmother. Together we decided on the swirly design that you see on the pictures. This design, being elegant and robust at the same time will ensure that my customer can carry the ring for many years to come making it sustainable, not just because of the recycled materials, but also because of the longevity of the design.