We do what we can to minimise the environmental impact of our jewellery.

Fair and Responsible

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Responsible jewellery made from recycled materials

With regards to our business and its sphere of influence, we want to offer sustainable jewellery made from recycled fine materials, act responsibly and protect our environment as much as possible. Together with our cooperation partners, we want to look for new ways to produce responsibly and to constantly develop ourselves. We value quality work, durable products and long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and society in general.

Transparency in regards to procurement

We want to be transparent in our communication regarding the origin of the materials we use in our jewellery and with whom we cooperate. We want you to know where we source our recycled precious metals for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and ear studs. Our goal is open information about what we do and how we work, also in relation to the gemstones or pearls used. We offer our customers the opportunity to make a well-informed purchase decision by including all available information about our material procurement in the web shop. This will tell you whose experienced hands worked on your piece of jewellery and who set the stones.

The least possible impact on the environment

Since we only work with recycled materials in the manufacture of our jewellery, we do not use any new raw materials and keep the ecological footprint low. We try to adhere to this principle at all levels, be it transport, packaging, stock levels or energy consumption in our studio.

Long term relationships based on honesty and respect

Our cooperation and the interaction within our team as well as towards our customers, cooperation partners and society in general, is based on honesty and respect. We assume that everyone wants to do a good job and maintain long-term relationships. In our team we value ​​hard work, but we also make sure to find enough time for other things in life. If you, in any situation, have the feeling that we do not live up to this pledge, please let us know immediately.