Simply Mindful Ring Recycled Gold with Reclaimed Diamonds, Ringe aus rezykliertem Roségold mit zurückgewonnenen Diamanten

Made in Switzerland from Recycled Materials

We want to be mindful of our earthly resources and work with raw materials already in circulation. Our precious metals are recycled and the stones reclaimed or found in Switzerland. At Jewels by Anna Andrén we minimise the environmental impact of our products by designing for long term wear and by aiming to avoid removing anything additional from the earth.

swiss craftsmanship

We produce our jewellery exclusively in Switzerland.  Anna designs, makes prototypes and most of the production in our workshop in Zug. In addition, we cooperate with experienced local craftspeople, for example Atelier Höllmüller in Lucerne, with nine expert jewellers and stone setters, run in the second generation by Petra Park Höllmüller and Marc Höllmüller. Everyone involved in making our jewellery delivers the highest quality, making our jewellery enjoyable for a long time to come. If something were to happen, or something needs to be changed, all of our pieces can be repaired, remanufactured and, at some point down the road, recycled. 

We want to fully utilise the expertise and skill among craftspeople in Switzerland and not only when it comes to the craft of making jewellery. Our master stone cutter, who cuts our crystals from Maderanertal in the Canton of Uri to perfection, is situated in Winterthur. As another example, our beautiful and versatile jewellery boxes are made by hand in Villeneuve in the French part of Switzerland by the company Cartonnages Delavy SA from FSC-certified carton only. We have developed the design together with a team of experts from the company’s in total 60 employees, with the aim of creating a box that works for all kinds of jewellery, can have a second life as a container for beautiful things and where every part is fully recyclable. 

reclaimed Diamonds

To get around the difficulties of finding responsibly mined stones and to work with the resources that are already around, all of our diamonds are sourced from old jewellery or deadstock being dismantled for the raw materials. This way each stone brings a unique history, connecting the lives of its previous owner with its new wearer. Being true time travellers and the hardest natural material on earth, these gems can be treasured for a lifetime and then passed on to the next generation. All diamonds are thoroughly cleaned and the quality verified by Swiss gemmology experts at SSEF in Basel and then given a new life in a new piece of jewellery. We call these gems Reclaimed Diamonds.

Recycled Gold

We source only purified and recycled gold. Since the main source of recycled gold is old jewellery, this means that we support the tradition of circularity of this wonderful and virtually indestructible metal. We also avoid contributing to any additional mining. Recycled precious metals, in our case mainly from the Swiss brand Ökogold®, are equally pure and valuable as newly mined, but consume 300 times less CO2 in the process according to various studies. Jewels by Anna Andrén is a certified Swiss Ökogold Member. The Ökogold® label in itself is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council based in London, a global organisation setting standards for a responsible jewellery and watch industry, based on among other things the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals.