Quality ensured by experienced hands and thoughtfulness, Anna in the studio in Zug.

Swedish Design Jewellery

Our jewellery is inspired by nature and designed by Anna, our in-house Swiss-Swedish jeweller and designer, the founder of our company. Anna comes from Sweden and creates Scandinavian designer jewellery with simple shapes, but with an exclusive design language. Her design philosophy and style is based on grace and durability, her jewellery is modern but builds on Swedish design tradition. Her designs can be worn for decades and, if necessary, be repaired or remade. Anna favours circular production using recycled materials and sees the choice of material sourcing as part of the design.


Our jewellery, be it rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, can be worn for a long time, put away and worn again: hopefully also by a loved friend or the next generation, as this increases sustainability. This means that the pieces find a home with each owner and are shaped by her or his life. Every Jewels by Anna Andrén piece can be repaired and redesigned. Rings can be enlarged or made smaller and lost stones, pearls or diamonds can be replaced. All of our jewellery can be worn with your existing pieces or combined in endless ways. Our rings are perfect for an engagement and/or wedding ring, as well as a gift to yourself or a loved one. Our label offers both small collections (check out our web shop) and bespoke pieces of jewellery, all designed by Anna and made in Switzerland.


Longevity contributes to sustainability, as do the raw materials used and their origin. Anna has clear goals: “I want to integrate a good material choices and high-quality craftsmanship into my designs. In this way, I hope to contribute to the lasting joy of our customers and a sustainable development in the jewellery industry.” Recycled gold or silver are her favourite materials.

At Jewels by Anna Andrén we avoid untransparent sources of material and production. We buy our precious metals from a certified supplier, Oekogold. We see an opportunity in manufacturing smaller series based on diamonds salvaged from vintage jewellery or watches before the gold was melted for recycling or on Swiss stones collected in the Canton of Uri.

As a designer, Anna feels that the essential questions below should all be answered with a yes:

  • Material origin – Do the materials in the piece of jewellery stem from ethically and ecologically responsible sources?
  • Design – Is the design personal and timeless enough for the customer to enjoy this piece of jewellery for a long time?
  • Quality – Is the design durable from a technical point of view?
  • Labour Conditions – Did everyone involved in the manufacturing process work under fair labour conditions? Did they receive social benefits, holidays and a decent wage?
  • Circularity – Can the piece of jewellery be repolished, repaired and finally recycled?


Because Anna likes to work with diamonds from old and existing jewellery, her designs and shapes are deliberately flexible enough to accommodate different sized diamonds, subject to availability and what stone a customer brings. Normally, modern diamond jewellery is designed with a predefined stone size, as newly mined stones can be ordered calibrated, i.e., with exact dimensions. Anna also enjoys remodelling old jewellery – in her hands an old necklace is made into a pair of new earrings, a ring becomes a pendant and a necklace becomes a bracelet.

“Jewellery making is an amazing blend of an inward-looking focus on details and an outward focus on people and the society we live in”