Frequently asked Questions

Anna has designed all jewellery displayed on this web site.

Anna uses exclusively recycled gold from the company Gyr Edelmetalle in Baar, Switzerland, Ökogold-certified metals. This is a certification ratified by Gyr and the Responsible Jewellery Council in London. We only use materials that are recycled or where we know the source. Our melee diamonds are reclaimed from old jewellery and watches, our Rock Crystals found in Switzerland and for larger diamonds we order newly mined from Canada, with the Canadian Mark where possible. 

Anna produziert alle unsere Prototypen sowie einen grossen Teil des Schmuckes in unserem Studio in Zug. Alle unsere Schmuckstücke werden exklusiv von erfahrenen Kunsthandwerkern in der Schweiz hergestellt. Die Schweizer Schmucksteine werden in Winterthur geschliffen und sämtliche Steine im Atelier Höllmüller in Luzern gefasst.

The delivery time of core and bespoke jewellery differs depending on how complex the piece is and how many projects Anna already has in her planning. If the piece of jewellery that you are looking for is not on stock, please calculate 6 weeks delivery time.

All of our packaging is made out of FSC-certified materials. The jewellery is given to you in our beautiful, multi-purpose, fully recyclable jewellery box that we have developed together with the production company Cartonnages Delavy SA in Villeneuve, or in smaller boxes manufactured in Denmark. Our hope is that you will enjoy them for a long time.

If you have ideas for smaller changes to personalise your piece of jewellery or you would like to order one of the designs on this web site, but use your own stones, please write to us on hello@jewelsbyanna.ch or make an appointment and we can discuss possible solutions. All our designs can be produced in 18K recycled white, yellow, rose and red gold. If you want silver we work with recycled sterling silver.