We do what we can to minimise the environmental impact of our jewellery.


We want to use our business to protect the environment as much as possible within our field of influence. We want to push ourselves and our cooperation partners to listen to each other, think in new ways and never stop developing. We value high quality work and long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and society at large. At Jewels by Anna, we strive for perfection and accept mistakes as long as we learn from them for the future.


We do our outmost to be transparent in regards to our material sourcing and the collaborations that we have with other organisations. We want you to know if the materials used are recycled or if we have not yet managed to find a good supplier for a particular part in recycled material. In our web shop we list the materials, the sourcing and which production partners were involved in the making of each piece. This way you know a little bit about whose experienced hands crafted the metal and set the stones before the beautiful item became yours and you can judge the resources consumed along the way. By doing this we hope to have a positive influence on the jewellery industry and encourage you to ask questions regarding sourcing when buying jewellery.


By producing our fine jewellery from recycled exclusive materials, we use already existing resources and strive to avoid extract anything new from the earth. When we can not find recycled materials of high quality we chose the next best option from a quality, environmental and ethical point of view. All of our items are long lasting and can be repaired, remanufactured and recycled. We work to minimise the environmental impact on all levels, for example in connection with transportation, stock levels, packaging and energy consumption in our studio.


We believe in honesty and respect in all interactions within our team as well as with our customers, collaboration partners and society at large. We believe that everyone wants to do a good job and grow responsibly. We strive for perfection but accept mistakes as long as we learn from them and amend the situation to the best of our abilities. Our culture should value hard work when needed but also give room for recovery.