Quality ensured by experienced hands and thoughtfulness, Anna in the studio in Zug.

Design Philosophy

All our jewellery pieces are inspired by nature and designed by Anna, our in-house Swiss jeweller with Swedish roots, the founder of our company. Anna has a simple yet exclusive design language and her design philosophy is based on gracefulness and longevity. Her designs are made to last and, if needed, repaired or recrafted. Anna sees the choice of material sourcing as part of the design.

Long Term Affection

All Jewels by Anna Andrén items can be worn for a long time, put away and worn again. Hopefully even by a friend or the next generation, increasing sustainability. This also means that the pieces live with the owner and are marked by his or her life. When the marks become too deep, every product from Jewels by Anna Andrén can be repaired and polished. Rings can be enlarged or made smaller. Lost stones can be replaced. All our jewellery can be worn with your existing pieces or combined together in endless variations. Our rings make the perfect engagement and wedding rings as well as a gift to yourself or a loved one.

Good Material Choices

Longevity contributes to sustainability, as does the raw materials and their origin. In the words of Anna: “I want to integrate good material choices and high-quality craft into my designs. This way I hope to contribute to durable joy of our customers and a sustainable development in the jewellery industry.”

At Jewels by Anna Andrén we avoid uncertain sources of materials and production. We buy our metals from certified distributors and see an opportunity in making smaller series, based on the diamonds saved from vintage jewellery or watches being dismantled for the gold or on Swiss stones that have been collected in the canton of Uri.

Design for the Unknown

Since Anna wants to work with diamonds taken from old and pre-existing jewellery, she consciously makes her designs flexible enough to accomodate the size of diamonds currently available from dismantled jewellery or watches. Traditionally, diamond jewellery is designed with a predefined stone size in mind since newly mined stones can be ordered calibrated, i.e. with exact measurements. 

“Jewellery making is an amazing blend of an inward-looking focus on details and an outward focus on people and the society we live in” Photo taken in the archipelago north of Gothenburg